Expedia Review

Expedia is a huge UK based online travel company.  As such you can find a lot of information, advice and holiday ideas on their website.  It offers a huge range of functions and features that are extremely useful for anyone who is thinking about travelling abroad. 

Do you need to book a flight, car hire or a hotel perhaps?  No problem – Expedia can take care of all of these for you.  But they can also provide a lot of information on other things too, including ideas for destinations and activities to do once you get there.

Take me to the site!  How do I get there?

It couldn’t be easier here is the link you need - Expedia.

What does the site offer?

Pretty much anything you could ever want when it comes to sorting out your holiday!

It’s an amazing site and everything is tabbed at the top of the site to make it easy to figure out where you need to go and what you want to do.  Only need to book a hotel?  That’s easy enough – but you can easily go for a flight and a hotel or even a complete package holiday if you like.  You’ll find all the tabs just where you need them, which is perfect.

There is even a feature called the “inspiroscope” that allows you to select keywords from a soothing background of blue skies to try to inspire you to find a destination that is right for you.  This is great if you really don’t know where you want to go on holiday.

Expedia wants to be a one-stop-shop for individuals seeking to arrange their holidays or travels.  It even caters for corporations arranging their business travel.  And it manages to do all that and more.

You don’t just get standard flights and charters, as an online specialist they are able to offer exceptionally short dated deals where you can pick up some real bargains.

Check the home page for the latest links to the latest deals.  Check out their lists of Top Tens too – this popular section might even inspire you to try somewhere different on holiday next time!  And don’t forget the hotel reviews either.

What is their currency converter like?

Compared to the main pages, and especially compared to the colourful inspiroscope, the currency conversion page is very modest.  It is purely functional, but it doesn’t really need to be anything but functional.  It has a simple job to do and it does it well.

The converter itself is very easy to use.  The easiest way to get to it is to click on the link which takes you to the site map.  This link can be found just underneath that blue bar at the top of any page you are on.  You’ll see it written on the right hand side, at the beginning of that line of information.  Strangely enough, the currency converter appears in the centre of the page for the site map, right underneath all the guides.  No worries though – it’s super easy to find.

Leaving the units box containing the number 1 will give you the straight exchange rate between most currencies, but if you have a specific amount you'd like to exchange (e.g. 400 USD) enter the number of units (400) in the units box.

Next choose your “currency to convert from” in the drop down list of the same name.  Then choose your “currency to convert to” using the second drop down list.  Finally click “display the results” to see the conversion rates.

The results do not display the cross rates, only the exchange rate from and to as requested, not the inverse.  It is worth noting that the exchange rates quoted are the approximate tourist rates you can expect to receive.

None of the currencies listed - or their results - are displayed along with the 3 letter international currency code.

The currencies were able to convert from major to minor, minor to major and even minor to minor.  This means that no matter what you want to know – or which far flung place you might want to visit – the Expedia currency converter is top dog when it comes to helping you out.

You’ll find it by using this link.

Supposing I need some help and advice – can they help me with that?

Absolutely – go for the customer support link at the top of the page and you’ll find the answers to plenty of different questions.

There is also a handy phone number on the home page so you can easily call them up and ask anything to help you book the trip of your dreams.  You won’t be stuck with nothing more than an email address.

In conclusion

Expedia really does provide everything you need.  If you want help choosing the best holiday, it can do that for you.  The website can answer most of your questions or provide support for those it can’t answer straightaway.

It is not only useful, it is also accessible and enables you to easily open your own account with the site to make it even easier to use in future.  While Expedia does offer package holidays they are experts at providing the chance to book exactly the right type of holiday you need and want.

As such Expedia gets a great rating from us!  It is no surprise that Expedia is one of the first names to come to mind when you want to book something online.  It has earned that reputation and has the best website to back it up with.

Rating (out of five stars)

Expedia definitely gets a five out of five rating.  It has everything you could want and it manages to make it all super easy to access too.  And with additional quirky features like the inspiroscope, you really can’t go wrong – even if you have no idea where you want to go when you arrive on this holiday website!

 - 5 Stars

Link: Expedia Currency Converter