XE.com Review

XE.com bills itself as the world’s favourite currency site.  It certainly is used very heavily from day to day, and many people do have it ready and waiting for them to use for any number of reasons.

The home page launches into its subject with no delay, providing a chart of quick cross rates for you to digest before exploring to a greater degree.  Let’s see what else is on offer here.

Take me to the site!  How do I get there?

The main page for the Xe site is www.xe.com.  Everything you could want to do with currency is linked to from that location.

What does the site offer?

A quicker question would be what DOESN’T it offer regarding currencies.  The site itself offers a range of services from a Foreign Exchange payment system, called XEtrade, that allows you to make payments around the globe that can be sent in one currency and received in another.  There is no sign-up fee, or monthly or annual charge, you commit to a trade before you fund the transaction and you can do it all via your existing bank account.  You don't need to set-up a new account that needs funding before you can make a transaction.

XE.com also has a full suite of Forex charting packages - free, advanced, and premium.  The charts in the packages cover all the bases in terms of the Forex data required to make sure you have your trade correct before getting started.  In addition XE.com Forex speculation allows you to set up a Forex trading account and start trading online.

And you will find their destination guide well worth a look if your reason for using the converter is that you are going on holiday soon.

What is their currency converter like?

Xe.com makes a bold claim by calling its converter the “Universal” currency converter.  We did try to catch it out with some less common currencies like the Azerbaijan Menat, Mongolian Tughrik and Oman Rials.  But it beat us plain and simple.  When scrolling through the list of choices it is plain to see that every currency you could possibly think of is here.

The currency converter itself is very simple to use.  You get started by selecting the amount you want to convert.  So if you were going to convert €6000 Euro (EUR) into US Dollars (USD) you would simply enter 6000 into the first box, which is labelled “convert”.  The amount should be entered without any currency symbol.

Now, select the currency you wish to convert from the list in the box entitled “from this currency”.  The currencies have their three letter international currency codes too (i.e. EUR for Euro).  If the currency that you require is not listed there, all you need to do is select the “more currencies” link, just below the box.  It takes you to a page where you can select from “every known world currency”!

The next step is to choose the currency you want to convert to, from the list box entitled “to this currency”.  The final step is to hit “go!” to get the live mid-market rates.

The results are given in the format 6000 Euro = $X USD, and the cross rates are published below for reference purposes.  The fact that exchange rates are 'live' is unusual, as they are normally delayed by fifteen to twenty minutes.

If you take a look under the ‘tools’ heading on any page of the site, you will see that there are other options available to you as well.  Notice the one that says ‘personal currency assistant’?  Well if you click on that another small window will open up, allowing you to use the currency converter very easily.  You can bookmark or link to this if you need to, but there is another option available too that might interest you.

You’ll see that you have the option to customise the currency converter if you wish, and if you select that you will see the page that opens reveals that you can add it to your own website.  You don’t have to customise it but the page tells you why you might want to, and it gives you all the help and advice you need.

Supposing I need some help and advice – can they help me with that?

You bet!  For a site that has such a comprehensive take on currency, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have an equally comprehensive help section!

Take a look at the top yellow coloured bar of the site and you will see the ‘help’ link is the last one on the right hand side.  The options will appear as soon as you hover your mouse over it.  If you click on ‘help’ all the available sections will appear on the next page, including the site map if you want it.

Try FAQ to get the answers to some more general questions about the site.  You’ll also no doubt notice the currency code list here, which will tell you what all the three letter currency codes are that are in existence. 

And finally, ‘contact us’ is worth a look if you do need to get in touch with them for any reason.  You will see a number of email addresses along with a phone number and the address, should you need it.

In conclusion

Xe.com is an outstanding site – there are no other words for it.  If you want your exchange rates to be as up to date as they can possibly be, this is the site you should head for.

And of course with all the other services and items added in, it can act as the definitive currency site for you if you need it.  You won’t miss out on anything that you want, because Xe.com provides it all.

Rating (out of five stars)

What else could it be except five out of five?  This site provides everything you need and more, which is why it scores this highly.

- 5 Stars

Link: http://www.xe.com/ucc/