The British Pound Takes On The Croatian Kuna

Posted by Allison on 18 February 2011, 07:06

We don’t often write too much about the Croatian kuna, but with that said it is worth looking to see how the British pound is doing up against this particular currency. As 2010 came to an end, we saw the pound claim 8.577 against the kuna. But how would this progress into 2011?

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The Pound Goes Up Against the Djibouti Franc

Posted by Allison on 18 February 2011, 07:05

Since we usually focus on more common and well known currencies for this section of the website, we thought we would concentrate on a few lesser known ones this month. Every single currency still has its place on the world stage, and we can sometimes learn just as much from a smaller currency than we can from a major one.



How Is The Pound Performing Against The Bahamian Dollar?

Posted by Allison on 18 February 2011, 07:04

We often look at the state of the British pound against the US dollar and indeed even a few other versions of the dollar as well (Canada, New Zealand and Australia to name just three). But how has it been doing as far as the Bahamian dollar is concerned?



How Would The Pound Stand Up To The Might Of The US Dollar?

Posted by Allison on 14 January 2011, 04:24

As 2010 came to a close we could only stand back and hope that the pound would put in a good performance to start off the New Year with a bang. Unfortunately as we have seen elsewhere, some currencies prove stronger than the pound and that means the currency will end up on the back foot as we move from the old year to the new one.

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Would The Year End Well For The British Pound Against The Euro?

Posted by Allison on 14 January 2011, 04:23

Watching the tussle between the pound and the Euro has been very interesting of late. There have been many problems in the Eurozone and this has allowed the pound to make some headway in gaining a better exchange rate against the European single currency.

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How Would The Pound End The Year Against The Swiss Franc?

Posted by Allison on 14 January 2011, 04:22

So here we are at the end of another year. 2010 will be remembered for many reasons, but we’re interested in how it came to an end for the British pound. Would it produce a good result as far as the currency was concerned when it was pitted against the Swiss franc?



Will The Kuna Beat The Pound?

Posted by Allison on 10 December 2010, 13:12

The Croatian kuna may not be one you have heard of before. But as with every other currency on the planet it does a daily dance with other currencies to see whether it can achieve a higher exchange rate as a result. This month we are going to pit it against the British pound to see which of these two European currencies will get the upper hand.



Is The Estonian Kroon Stronger Than The British Pound?

Posted by Allison on 10 December 2010, 13:10

This month we have decided to choose three currencies we do not normally focus on for these reports. It is important to highlight and read about popular and worldwide currencies such as the US dollar and so on, but smaller currencies can also paint a picture that is worth seeing.



Could The Cuban Peso Get The Better Of The British Pound?

Posted by Allison on 10 December 2010, 13:08

Quite often in this column we focus on how the British pound is performing alongside many of the well known world currencies. In choosing currencies such as the US dollar, the Hong Kong dollar and the Euro to compare it to, we learn how the pound is able to stand up against the biggest currencies in the world.



An Interesting Month For The British Pound And The Hong Kong Dollar

Posted by Allison on 25 November 2010, 12:05

Some months and some currencies really raise the eyebrows more than others do. Sometimes two currencies can meander through a month and you look back and feel as if nothing at all has happened. But this was not the case during October for the British pound and the Hong Kong dollar.

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