Are You Better Off Managing Your Money Online?

Posted by Allison on 1 April 2009, 16:06

More and more people are deciding to move their banking needs online today, as the internet has made its way into our homes and become a part of our modern day lives.

There are certainly plenty of benefits to doing so, not least the fact that you will save time that you used to spend queuing in the bank, and be in better control of your money. That's the main reason that a lot of people do make the switch, because with a couple of clicks of your mouse you can know exactly how your accounts stand and what you owe on any credit cards.

Banking online is definitely a much better way to manage your money, and you can indeed pay a bill at three o'clock in the morning if you want to.  Instead of looking at currency as an inconvenience that has to be dealt with by making a trip out to your bank, you can take control and fit it into your day as and when you see fit.  There's no doubt that by doing this there are a lot more people who are a lot more aware of the state of their finances than there used to be!

There is also plenty of advice available for people who are considering banking online but haven't made the jump to doing it yet.  One of the best websites around for giving expert advice as well as information on the latest financial deals you could consider is Money Extra.

The site really takes on board the whole financial picture, and it's also worth exploring the section which gives you a number of free tools to try out, including a currency converter for when you are heading off on holiday and want to see how far your money will stretch, and a range of banking guides, which give you an excellent starting point for many different situations you may find yourself in.  Check out the link which tells you all about online banking and the various points to remember, for example, which can be found at

But of course, managing your money online won't automatically rid you of any bad money habits you may be harbouring from your past.  If you are thinking of making the switch from banking in your high street to banking online, it is an excellent time to think about whether you are doing the best with your money and planning adequately for your future.

Another clear advantage about using the internet to help you manage your financial life is that you have all the information you could need at your fingertips.  When it comes to comparing bank accounts, working out which savings account will be best for you, gathering information on how to manage a debt, or anything else financially related, you can sit down at your computer and have a mass of information to hand in a matter of minutes.  There's no appointment to book and no need to worry about fitting it in to your already busy schedule.  You can take total control, and for a lot of people that is the ultimate advantage of banking online.