Are You Nervous of Booking a European Holiday?

Posted by Allison on 16 May 2012, 14:34

There are good points and bad points to consider when you are thinking about heading over to Europe to have a holiday at the moment. The good thing is that thanks to the strength of the pound and the weakness of the Euro you can get some excellent currency rates to make your money go further while you are over there.

But the bad thing is that Greece in particular appears to be teetering on the edge of the precipice. It has still to elect a new government and the odds of it leaving the Euro are getting shorter by the day. So what does this mean? Well, there is no way of telling but it isn’t too hard to imagine a scenario this summer of thousands of tourists from the UK and elsewhere on holiday in Greece. And while they are there the country exits the single currency and enters no man’s land.

If this has already occurred to you as a distinct possibility, there is every chance you have held back on booking that all important summer holiday. The temptation is there, certainly, to book now and take advantage of the strong pound as a result. But if you did go and the country did exit the Euro it could create problems for holidaymakers who are already there.

The experts believe nothing drastic would happen immediately. But supposing you timed it wrong and arrived in Greece just as it said goodbye to the Euro. What would you do then? Would you be left with a worthless currency?

The truth is that it is impossible to know what will happen or when. But there is definitely a case for considering where in Europe you should think about taking a holiday at the moment. Just as you would normally evaluate the different options by going to official websites and seeing which areas of the world have travel advice and warnings, so you should do the same for Europe now. Being forewarned is being forearmed, and if anything did happen while you were on the Continent at least you’d have an idea of what you should do next. In the current situation, anything could happen before the summer is over.



  1. I don’t see why everyone is so het up about travelling to Europe. I mean I wouldn’t want to go somewhere like Athens, where most of the trouble is going on. But I can’t see any problem with visiting other European countries that use the Euro. Even if things did collapse while you were there, surely your own country’s people would get you back out again?

    — DJ · Jul 31, 10:36 am · #