Exploring the Benefits of a Money Converter

Posted by Allison on 20 October 2011, 14:41

How many times do you have the need to find out what a particular currency is worth? While we all use our own currencies on a daily basis, there are times when we need to know how much they would buy us in a different country. This could be because you are going to a foreign country on holiday. It could also be because you have a business and you are looking to trade with businesses or individuals in another country. And of course now we can shop easily online we might also think about buying something from another country in another currency as well.

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This is where a converter comes in very handy. Let’s explore this topic in more detail so you can see how it will help you as well.

What is a money converter?

Basically speaking it is a widget that allows you to figure out how much one currency is worth in relation to another. For instance you might use the British pound in your daily life, but if you are going abroad to Europe you may wish to know how many Euros your pound will get you. Of course this can change all the time, as this article from Reuters attests.

The good thing about a converter is that you can use it to get the most up to date information about a particular currency and what it is currently worth. This could be useful to you in lots of different ways.

How can you use this tool to help figure out what one currency is worth when related to another?

The tool is very easy to use – so easy in fact that on many occasions you won’t even see any instructions with it. The widget is designed to be very easy to use and you can change the default currencies so that the widget displays the starting currency you have and the destination currency to change it into. You will often see the words ‘from’ and ‘to’ on the converter to make it clear how it works.

The only other thing you have to do is to enter the amount you wish to convert in the first place. It is normally just the case of hitting a button to get the conversion amount you are looking for.

Can such a converter be used on your own website or blog as well?

Yes, many of them can. This is good if you have a website that sells goods or services to people in other countries. They can use the converter you provide them with to work out whether the purchase is worthwhile for them.

But even if you don’t sell things you can still use the converter for other reasons. For example let’s say you have a blog that is concerned with finances on a world scale. You could quite easily include a money converter in this case, as your readers will be interested in how different currencies relate to each other. Similarly if you look into current events in the world markets, different currencies will come into play here as well. As you can see there are many reasons why you might want to include a converter of this type on your blog or website.

The most important thing to remember if you are going to use such a widget is that you will be giving your visitors more value. They are more likely to come back to your site if they know you have a range of useful tools for them to use – free of charge too – and this converter falls into this bracket.

You can see therefore that being able to convert one currency to another simply by clicking a few buttons and making a couple of selections is a very useful thing to be able to do. The widget is so easy to use it will appeal to lots of different people for lots of different reasons. This is why it is so beneficial and since it is free as well, there is no limit on how often you can use it.

As you can see, a world without this converter would be a much more difficult place to be!



  1. I never used a money converter before I found this website, but now I understand how useful it can be. I must admit I never thought of having one on my own website or blog, but I am thinking of doing this in the near future. I suppose it all depends on the subject your blog is about though – it wouldn’t suit all of them would it? I think mine might be okay though.

    — Allison · Oct 30, 10:04 AM · #

  2. I must admit I don’t normally use a currency converter, but I can see how important it must be to some people. For example I rarely use one because I don’t go abroad very often. But if I did I probably would need to use it. I’m not into currency markets much either, although it is certainly easier to know how they work and how currencies stand in relation to one another.

    — Ian · Nov 27, 08:13 PM · #

  3. Ian I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your comment. I use one now and again if I am doing business with people abroad and dealing in different currencies. But before I started doing this I never had the need to use one. I don’t typically go abroad on holiday so I don’t need to use one in that respect, but for business purposes I wouldn’t be without a reliable one.

    — Kate · Feb 13, 05:58 PM · #