Hidden Secrets In Money Broadcast Review

Posted by Allison on 13 April 2009, 11:29


Sometimes you come across a video on YouTube that you instantly know has the power to 'go viral'.  In other words, people who see it are going to tell other people and the next thing you know it has thousands and thousands of views.

The video we are going to review here is called 'Hidden Secrets in Money' and at the time of writing it has had well over 560,000 views.  The title is certainly intriguing, and the video itself doesn't let you down.

It is just over four minutes long, and concentrates on the idea that there are hidden messages on banknotes and coins which have always been there… but most of us just don't realise it.  The first thing you see is a close up of a one dollar US bill, and just thirty nine seconds after starting to watch this particular video you'll be looking at a spider on that same dollar bill – and it isn't a real one, it's actually on the note itself.  You can see it with the naked eye, and the camera is zoomed in close enough here to show you as well.

From there the narrator goes on to show you four US coins.  All the silver coloured coins feature the US president looking to the left, but on the penny coin (shown on the video on the far right) has the president looking the other way.  The narrator, Brian Michael Tracy, shares a conspiracy theory on why this should be, although he doesn't believe it himself!

Next stop is a five dollar bill, and by now you will probably be sitting right up close to your computer monitor to make doubly sure you don't miss anything.  You don't need to worry though, as the video includes arrows and other similar devices to point out what you should be looking at as and when they are needed.

On the reverse side of the five dollar bill most people know that you can see a tiny figure of Abe Lincoln sitting down by the pillars of the Lincoln Memorial.  But what generally goes unnoticed – especially on more worn pennies that have seen better days – is that the same image can be seen on the reverse of the penny, which also features the Lincoln Memorial.  If you can get hold of a penny you can see the image with the naked eye, although you may have to tilt the coin in the light to see it.

Brian finishes in style by spending the last minute or so covering a sighting of the Devil on the Canadian dollar bill from the mid Fifties.  That might sound unlikely but it is in fact true, and what's more Brian shows you proof.

You'll see two versions of this bill – the one that featured the Devil's face hidden in the hair of the Queen, and the one that was corrected when the face was discovered.  Brian has helpfully added arrows pointing out the eyes, nose and mouth of the Devil so that you can see it clearly, and it certainly is there.

It's not surprising that this video has been so popular, because it's all grist to the mill for those who love conspiracies and a simple four minute piece of entertainment for those who like to take a closer look at particular examples of currency.

Brian has shot an excellent video with good close ups – great work considering just how close he gets to some parts of the banknotes he's talking about.  He also gives out a lot of information in the video which is fascinating to listen to, and while he doesn't seem to subscribe to all the conspiracy theories about money that are circulating, he leaves it up to the viewer to make up their own mind about it.

You can view this video at http://youtube.com/watch?v=g5uyn2XLAWo and you will definitely want to put it in your playlist and send it to other people to watch as well.  It's the kind of video that has that effect on you, and makes you look at the subject of currency in a different and new way.

If you like this then you should check out the other videos on offer concerning similar subjects, which you will find listed on the same page.  And once you have done that, you can take a closer look at the notes and coins you have in your own pocket, because you will never look at them all the same way again!



  1. Wow – I love videos like this! Sometimes you see stuff like this promoted and you can’t see anything there at all. But all the stuff this article says is there actually is. It’s definitely a video worth watching.

    But guess what it made me do? I just ended up getting out old and new notes of all kinds and squinting at them until I got a headache for ages. Be prepared to do the same thing if you watch this video, no matter what country you are from, because it has that effect on you! Don’t miss this for anything.

    — Ben · Apr 29, 09:18 am · #

  2. I think I’ve seen this video before. Certainly something like it – it’s got the potential to really show you money in a different light anyway. I wonder how many banknotes and currencies around the world are unusual and have hidden signs and symbols like this? I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more of them. Who knows if their own currency has some unusual symbols and features they can share? I’d love to hear from others about this.

    — Kate · Aug 30, 12:45 pm · #