How Far Will Your Money Go On Holiday This Year?

Posted by Allison on 1 April 2009, 14:48

No matter whether you are planning a late summer getaway or a winter break, you will want to know which country offers the best deals at the moment when it comes to the currency exchange rates.

In recent months Europe has become a very expensive place to go, with the Euro not providing a decent exchange rate for Britons, as you can see if you work out your sums on the currency converters. 

But that isn't the only problem.  Because of rising inflation in the Eurozone, the cost of living in many European countries is not as favourable as it has been at certain points in the past.  While parts of Europe used to be great destination choices for the Briton not wanting to take on a long haul flight for their holiday, that same statement no longer applies to many places.

This article from the Telegraph illustrates the fact that many people are choosing to go elsewhere, and it also gives you some ideas on where to find some bargains even in the current climate.  You can read the full piece by visiting

The problem is clear.  Not only are many destinations pricing themselves out of our reach, we have less money than ever to spend on our annual holiday anyway due to the current situation regarding inflation and rising costs from every quarter.   

The key to beating the problems is to think of another way to beat those adverse exchange rates you'll see on your currency converter.  This article, which is also from the Telegraph, gives some great ideas on how to make your money go much further than you might think.  You can read all the ideas by going to

But while some people will still be able to get away for a break this year (even if it isn't quite what they would normally do) others will be unable to afford a holiday at all.  If you find yourself in this situation the best thing to do is to concentrate on reducing your outgoings and putting some money away for a break next year – or even a weekend away this year, as there are plenty of hotels and travel lodges offering good accommodation both in this country and across Europe without breaking the bank.

If you do make it to Europe you need to be smart with your money.  Self catering will always be cheaper than full board, and if you do your research beforehand you can visit a country that offers the best exchange rate at the current time.  That means visiting a country which hasn't been swallowed by the Euro of course – and there aren't too many of those left.  Consider different methods of travelling as well – depending on the location you want to visit, flying isn't always the best method.    

In short, you need to be far more versatile and pro-active if you want to find a good deal for a foreign holiday this year, and as things stand at the moment it doesn't look as if the situation is going to change anytime soon.  With inflation starting to rise in Euroland and our money not going as far in the UK either, we may have to rely on our clever thinking to get a great break this year.