How to Find the Best Deal on Holiday Currency

Posted by Allison on 9 May 2012, 14:13

There are plenty of people heading to foreign climes every day. Most of them will require some foreign currency to tide them over while they are away, even if they take credit cards with them too.

Clearly you want to make sure you have the best possible deal you can get when it comes to exchanging your usual currency for a foreign one. Let’s say you want to exchange dollars to pounds for example. How do you know where to get the best exchange rate?

The secret is to shop around and not go to the closest venue for getting travel money. Even if you have one that is conveniently located near you, don’t go there unless and until you have already checked other options. It may be far from being the cheapest option.

Of course it is also a good idea to check and see whether you can get a good exchange rate for the currency you are interested in. This is particularly useful to remember if you haven’t yet decided where you are going to go. Some people decide where to go on holiday based on how good or bad the exchange rates are in relation to certain countries. It makes sense to get as much for your money as you can.

When you do know which currency you want you can compare travel money outlets to see which ones offer the best deals. Look for those offering other perks such as free delivery to your door too – but always make sure you opt for the service offering the most competitive price.

Since there are plenty of online outlets for finding travel money nowadays, this can often be the best way to find the lowest prices. So be sure you check out the different options available so you can get access to the largest amount of holiday cash you can. After all, we all want our money to stretch as far as possible, don’t we?



  1. This is a timely article since I was about to start looking to exchange my pounds for Swiss francs. Anyone know where the best place is for a good exchange rate so I can save on some virtual shoe leather shopping around? ;)

    — Allison · May 9, 04:46 pm · #