How to Make Your Financial Website More Appealing to Visitors

Posted by Allison on 4 May 2012, 09:58

There are plenty of different financially motivated websites across the web today. Some are focused on the financial markets and what is happening in them on a daily basis. Others focus more on world currencies and how events in one country can affect the worth of its currency in different ways. Still more focus on more personal issues to do with finance, such as saving or making money. There is no end to the diversity of these websites, but many of them could do with a currency converter widget to enhance their offering even more. This applies just as much to your website if it happens to have some relevance to finance and currencies in some way.

Now I know you’re probably wondering why you should do this and what good it will offer to your visitors. The answer to that will probably depend on the nature of the website you offer. But if you focus on currencies in any way shape or form, the chances are your visitors will be interested in finding out more about various currencies. If you can offer them this kind of widget, so they can compare the rates of any currencies they wish, it will make your site more appealing to them. And since you want to grab as many visitors as you can over time, it’s fairly simple to say this could be a good way of doing it.

To make the most out of it you should put your widget in a prominent place. This could be above the fold on the chosen web page, which basically means putting it where people can see it without having to use their mouse to scroll down further. You might also put a link or tab to it at the top of each page. This way, if they don’t find it straightaway because they arrive on a different page, they’ll still know exactly where to find it.

As you can see this is a great opportunity to enhance your website so it offers more than it already does. Ideally you want a simple to use converter that also looks appealing and fits with the overall look of your site. Be sure to look around because there are plenty of free converters all over the internet you could look at getting. After a while you will find a free one you like, and then it is just a matter of installing it on your website. Most converters will come with instructions on how to install them, so it should be fairly easy to successfully do it without any hassle.

In short, if your website has any kind of link to currencies of different types at all – even if you sell products to different countries and people want to know how much something is in their currency – a widget could be the ideal addition.