Is it Safe to Download Online Currency Widgets for Your Website?

Posted by Allison on 21 May 2012, 13:37

Some of the most popular things to download from the internet when it comes to currency related matters are the currency converter widgets. But while they can be really useful to have, either to download to your desktop for instant use or to have on your website for other people to use, how safe are they?

Going to the right sources

In truth while most widgets are pretty safe to use, there are some that may not be as good to use. The trick to making sure you are going to get one of the best ones is to go to a source you know you can trust.

The best way to find such a widget is to use a search engine to look for them. You should of course have some kind of internet security program installed on your computer to protect you when you are online. Many of these programs mark the search results so you can see how safe each site is, rather than simply entering it without knowing.

This means you can instantly see whether you have found a good quality site or one that may cause you some problems. Always stick to the reputable and well known sites if you can; there are plenty of widgets around to download so if you stick to a good quality site like this you should be fine.

Make sure you understand the instructions

Every widget will come with instructions. These will tell you how to download it onto your computer and how to use it in conjunction with a website. Make sure you read through them and you can understand them fully before proceeding. If you are in any doubt at all you can always search for advice online. The chances are many other people have also tried to download that same widget, so you might be able to get some assistance from somewhere else.

Put simply, providing you are able to check out the different possibilities and sources for these widgets, you should easily be able to download a good quality one for your needs.



  1. Most of the people who have problems with downloading dodgy stuff go to dodgy sites. Really it’s not brain surgery to figure out which sites are reputable and which ones could cause you trouble is it? I don’t want to be rude but there are plenty of decent currency sites out there with good quality widgets to download, so why bother going to a site that looks shifty and no one has ever heard of? It’s silly!

    — Allison · Jul 17, 10:58 AM · #

  2. I’d agree. I’ve never had any issues with any suspect downloads, but then I have good antivirus, etc, etc installed and that doesn’t apply to everyone. I know someone who always has problems with stuff like this, and it’s because they don’t have a basic understanding of what it takes to stay safe online. That is what scares me more than anything, to be honest. Now I just hope I haven’t tempted fate and will end up downloading something dodgy as a result.

    — Don · Aug 22, 03:43 PM · #

  3. I’m the same. Never had anything happen to me. I did get an email from the FBI the other day though, telling me a warrant was out for my arrest. Never did find out what for…

    — Jo · Aug 23, 07:39 PM · #