The British Pound Goes Up Against The Kenyan Shilling

Posted by Allison on 21 March 2010, 04:37

If you are considering heading off to Kenya for a safari this year, you will probably be interested to know how the British pound is performing against this currency.  At the end of the 1st February a pound was worth 120.795 Kenyan shillings, but where did it go from there?

Initially it went up, climbing to 121.469 the following day before following an up and down pattern to the end of the week.  Unfortunately for us the week ended on a down note rather than an up one, leaving us on 120.416 as the week finished.

But this was just the first week.  Surely the British pound could show some mettle and fight back to a better standing against the Kenyan shilling as the month went on?  It was still early days but the pound has been struggling of late so anything could happen yet.

Indeed the first day of the following week led to a good result for the Kenyan shilling as it pushed the pound back down to a rate of 120.144.  The next day was worse still for the British pound as it could only manage a rate of 119.885.  Could we pull back from here and turn things around or was this as good as it was going to get?

The 10th certainly made it look like the latter was going to be true, as it fell further to 119.259.  There was better news the following day though and the day after that – the final one of the week – gave us a rate of 120.228 to think about.  If we needed to do well then we had certainly pulled our socks up here.

We were halfway through the month now and we had certainly given ourselves something to celebrate.  We were also able to manoeuvre ourselves into an even better position come Monday evening as the exchange rate improved to 121.231.  Anyone thinking of a holiday in Kenya at this point would have viewed the figures on their currency converter with confidence rather than scepticism.

A slight drop to 121.127 the next day wasn’t too much to worry about, particularly as the pound managed to achieve 122.053 on the 17th.  But as things turned out this would be the best point we would see for a while.  The following day the pound dropped drastically to 119.818 and we would not get back above 120.00 again for the rest of the month.

Friday the 19th saw the pound finish on 118.377 and even though it fought hard to get a slightly better score over the first half of the final week, the high point proved to be an exchange rate of 119.092 on the 24th.  After that the second half of that final week belonged to the Kenyan shilling.  The closing rate for the whole month for the British pound was logged at 116.705.  So as we can see this was considerably lower than it had started off with back on the 1st of the month.



  1. Kenya is a great place to go for a safari. I’ve never been myself but a friend of mine went on their honeymoon there, so I know it is supposed to be very good. The shilling makes me think of the old British money though, before the modern coins came into it. A shilling was worth about five old pence in the old days; I wonder what a Kenyan shilling is worth compared to that now?

    It looks like it might be worth waiting for a while to see whether the pound improves against the Kenyan shilling though. It dropped a lot during that single week and it means the pound isn’t giving much in the way of value at the moment. Here’s hoping it improves.

    — Kate · Mar 29, 01:06 pm · #

  2. Well it’s nice to know about different currencies every now and then I suppose. But I wasn’t too keen on finding out how the British pound is doing with regard to the Kenyan shilling. I mean is this the most important currency that is out there? Wouldn’t we be better off finding out more about the more important currencies like the Canadian dollar and others like that, so we can see how the pound is doing against those?

    I’ve no doubt that some people don’t even know about the Kenyan shilling, so I suppose this will have educated them to some extent. I hadn’t heard of it myself. But I think it will be one of those currencies that doesn’t stick in my head for long either.

    — CDixon · Apr 27, 07:46 pm · #