The British Pound Takes On The Croatian Kuna

Posted by Allison on 18 February 2011, 07:06

We don’t often write too much about the Croatian kuna, but with that said it is worth looking to see how the British pound is doing up against this particular currency. As 2010 came to an end, we saw the pound claim 8.577 against the kuna. But how would this progress into 2011?

The early signs were good as the pound pushed up to an exchange rate of 8.604 on the currency converter on the 4th January. Just three days later it ended the week with a rate of 8.831, but could it continue this great effort to get ahead of the Croatian currency?

When the week beginning the 10th January got started, things were certainly looking up. The pound finished that day with a rate of 8.899, and it was swiftly followed the next day with an improvement to 8.901. But that was about as good as things would get for a while, as things were about to start going in the opposite direction. Not such good news for the British pound, but better for the Croatian kuna.

By the time the week ending the 21st was over, we were looking at a lower exchange rate of 8.717 to close out the week with. So where would we end up when it came to the end of the month? Would we be able to pick back up and get back to the best rates we had seen over the course of the entire month? Or would we slip down still further and try and salvage what we could?

It looked as if we had our answer a little early as the following week got underway. By the end of Monday’s trading we were down to 8.683, giving us an even more difficult position to try and come back from. On the following day we were down still further, this time slipping to 8.595.

We did manage to pick up a little bit of steam by the end of the month though, and finally the British pound finished on 8.615 against the Croatian kuna.



  1. Isn’t it refreshing to see an article about a currency other than one we are all inherently familiar with? The pound tussles with countless different currencies on a daily basis, and I like to hear about different ones instead of all the major ones every time. This was a nice change and I hope we shall see more articles like it in the future as well. I may not use all the currencies but I still like to read about them.

    — Allison · Feb 28, 10:55 am · #