The Inevitable Collapse Of The Dollar Broadcast Review

Posted by Allison on 13 April 2009, 11:25


When you really start looking it doesn't actually take that long to find some really outstanding and thought provoking videos on YouTube that have something to do with money, currency or foreign exchange trading.

One such video is called 'The Inevitable Collapse of the Dollar', and with a title like that it's hardly surprising that up until the time of writing it had attracted well over two hundred and twenty thousand views.  As you will see if you look at the section on related videos, there is plenty of content on YouTube from people who have a strong opinion on whether the dollar is on the verge of collapse or not.

But this video starts strongly, is obviously professionally produced and talks to real people on the streets of America to gauge how they feel.  It begins by showing you film of American locations with facts being flashed onto the screen at the same time.  These facts alone will get you watching for the seven minutes running time of the film itself.

Not surprisingly people on Wall Street don't think the dollar will ever crash, but after you see the opening titles you will see a man telling a story which relates to the American economy and how it works, but in a way that is easy to understand and relate to.  Once you have listened to this story you will think differently about the whole idea of how strong America is and where it stands in the grand scheme of things.

Some two minutes into the film a rather shocking fact comes onto the screen (you'll know it when you see it) that definitely keeps you watching; in fact the entire film is exceptionally well balanced, well put together and is a real eye opener.

This seven minute film is quite amazing and whatever you thought about the US dollar before, you will be questioning your beliefs once you have finished watching.  Economics isn't always the easiest kind of information to understand, but there is no doubt that this video makes it accessible and understandable – if a little alarming!

We are told that the only way to keep the US dollar going for the long term is for a recession to happen.  There is certainly talk of a US recession at the moment, but it seems that at around the middle of 2008 that talk itself is receding, so it may be that the economy 'recovers' and the recession doesn't happen.  This video puts forward a good argument for short term loss to enable a long term gain – but many Americans simply won't believe it.

There is basically an imbalance at the moment between Americans and the rest of the world, with the Americans enjoying a much better standard of living than the rest of the world.  That is the argument being put forward here.  Sooner or later things will change and the balance will tip in favour of the other countries in the world, having a marked change for Americans.

You can see this video at and while you may want to view it more than once you will certainly find that even on the first viewing it is well put together, very easy to understand and get a grasp of, and very doom laden for anyone living in America.  While the news may not be good there is a sense of inevitability about the whole thing that makes you wonder how much longer the USA can continue as it is.

The quality of the video is very good – both the sound and the picture are outstanding and do not detract from the message being portrayed in the film.  There are many other films on YouTube which concentrate on a similar subject area, but few of them manage to interview the experts and get you thinking in quite the same way this one does.

The US dollar has certainly gone through periods of trouble during the first half of 2008, and is certainly not quite the strong currency it was just a short time ago.  This video makes you wonder whether we are seeing the start of the kind of slide that is mentioned as having to happen before the balance can be redressed.

The maker of this video, GHoeberX, has put together a thoughtful and well constructed film which says a lot during its short running time.  It is well worth a look – unless perhaps you live in America that is.



  1. I’ve seen this video before and it really makes you think – and worry! – about what might be yet to come.

    Just imagine a world in which the US dollar didn’t exist. Some would celebrate that idea but I wonder how far reaching the effects would be. And the scary thing is that if you watch this you really can imagine it happening. It’s more a question of when.

    I wonder what people who live in America think of this video? It would affect a lot of people, but they would be right in the firing line. Ouch – that’s all I can say!

    — Allison · May 28, 10:26 pm · #

  2. I love this video. I’ve only just seen it so I noticed the bit in the review where it says over 220,000 people had watched it to date. Well let me tell you I have seen it and looked to see what that total was up to, and it said 480,000!

    So it’s doubled since April this year (it’s mid-October now) and it will probably go a lot higher than that too. If you haven’t seen it yet do it now – it’s fantastic and it really argues its case well. I think that’s the reason why I watched it right to the end.

    — JamieK · Oct 14, 09:12 pm · #

  3. I saw this one a while back. The interesting thing is that the article was written a good couple of years ago, and yet the worries and questions over the US dollar are still very much in evidence. I can imagine how many people are concerned over this because today I looked and more than 850,000 had seen the video. It had a few dislikes but nowhere near as many as the number of likes. Interesting.

    — Jon · Apr 23, 11:41 am · #