Euro Currency Converter

Posted by Allison on 13 August 2010, 10:08

We’re all familiar with how to convert one currency to another online.  But a standard converter isn’t always the easiest way to go about things. 

Let’s say you want to work out how much the Euro is worth against a variety of other currencies.  If you used a normal converter you would have to keep selecting other currencies one by one to get the answers you need.  It’s more time consuming than you might think.  You’ve also got no way of comparing different conversion rates against different currencies unless you jot all the figures down on a piece of paper.

This is where a Euro currency converter comes in.  This is rather different from the standard kind of converter where you need to select different currencies all the time.  Instead, you will get all the other currencies provided in list format.

The nature of the list will vary depending on what site you visit.  Normally you will see each of the world currencies listed first on the left side of the page.  You will then see a figure next to each one, which is how much that currency would be worth in Euros.  Following on from that one of two things can usually be seen.  You will either see the reverse currency exchange rate written next to it, or you will have a clickable link to find out the same information.

As you can see, if you want to know how much the Euro is worth in all kinds of different world currencies, this is the best and easiest way to do it.  You’ve got all the information you need on the one screen right in front of you, so you can make notes and use it however you wish.

This could be beneficial for certain businesses to use if they have interests in other countries.  But if you are at the very early stages of planning a holiday you might also find it useful to see what the Euro is currently worth against currencies in other regions of the world.

Many people assume that a normal converter is the only way they can figure out what they need to know.  But as you can see, a Euro currency converter can be very useful indeed.  It can be the best way to figure out how the Euro is doing against a myriad of other currencies – and how they are doing against the Euro.



  1. I often use a currency converter as part of my working day. Since I import goods from other countries when it is cheaper to do so, it stands to reason that having a currency converter on hand is a good thing. I was interested to read about this Euro version because I normally use a standard converter. This version could save me time in some cases, so I will definitely be looking at it more closely.

    — AHews · Sep 29, 08:00 PM · #

  2. I have never really thought about the idea of using a different kind of currency converter like this before. I usually make use of a standard converter but until I read this article I never considered that a Euro one would be better if I needed to know about that specific currency. I would like to read more about this and perhaps try some of them as well. Does anyone know where I can access all kinds of converters like these?

    — Ian · Nov 30, 11:53 AM · #

  3. I always thought currency converters like these were a bit of a gimmick. But to be honest after reading this – and the comments people have left too – I can see why they would be useful. I’m not sure I would have any particular need for them but they are certainly going to be good to try for some people. I’m surprised they are reasonably easy to use as well – sometimes they can be too complicated.

    — CDixon · Dec 20, 09:33 AM · #