What is the Value of Money?

Posted by Allison on 15 May 2012, 11:57

How much is money worth to you and what does it mean in your life? This is quite a profound question when you think about it. We all need money to survive; you only need to look at the dire situation many Greeks are in at the moment owing to the Euro crisis to see what a lack of money can do. This holds true both on a personal basis and in terms of an entire country and people.

The truth is that whatever currency you happen to have in your country, you will have your own idea about what money means to you. Of course it provides you with a way to keep a roof over your head and to be fed and clothed as well. But you should think about money in more than just this basic kind of way, because it is able to enhance your life in many other ways too.

You may have heard the logic that we create our own surroundings. This is perfectly true because every decision you have ever made has led to the situation you find yourself in now. So if you want to improve your situation you have to change some things – and money can help you do that. We’re not just talking about using it to buy new furniture or even a new property in a different area. We’re talking about investing in education, in courses that allow you to learn new skills so you can get a better job that pays more money. In this situation money is buying you an ‘in’ to a new career. So you can see just how valuable money can be in all kinds of situations.

Of course it doesn’t do any good to become money obsessed. But it does pay dividends to learn what money can mean and how it can improve your life. For instance sometimes you can use money to hire help to complete certain tasks. When this happens you can free up time to use on more appealing things. So for instance if you earn enough money you can hire a housekeeper to do some menial things around the home for you, so you don’t have to.

So you can see money means different things and has a different value for different people. What does it mean to you?



  1. What an intriguing article. I’ve never thought about money like this before. I’ve thought about it in terms of the cash in my pocket or the money in my bank account, and I suppose the money I earn too, but not in terms of using it to create my surroundings. Isn’t it strange how you can read one thing and it can change the whole way you look at things and react to them? I’ve actually now started looking back on my life in terms of the decisions I’ve made leading me to where I am now. It’s true. If you’re reading my comment and you’ve read this article as well, I really encourage you to spend a moment or two thinking about it. You’ll be surprised how things fall into place!

    — Derek · Jul 23, 12:49 pm · #