Would the British Pound Build a Good Defence Against the Icelandic Krona?

Posted by Allison on 13 April 2012, 14:35

It is time once again to see how the British pound would perform against the Icelandic krona. This can be an interesting pairing and as March got underway the pound was bagging a rate of 198.547 against the krona. Would it be able to pass the 200 mark by the time the month was over?

It took a big step in the right direction on day one as it improved its standing to 199.363. It lost out on a little ground the following day to close the week on 199.196 but at least the pound had made some good ground to begin with.

Things were improving still more to begin the following week too, as the pound finished Monday on 199.573. However after a couple of good days of trading the currency dropped its guard against the krona and ended up on a sorry 196.661. It began its recovery the following day by boosting its closing rate to 197.852 but it still had a long way to go to get back to where it had started from.

The following week would see some interesting exchange rates occurring though. The 13th saw the pound jump up to 198.096 before achieving 200.079 the following day. But could it hang onto the 200 rate that it had tried to achieve since the beginning of the month?

As things turned out, it only hung onto the rate for one day before jumping back to an even better rate of 201.495. This closed out the week and gave us all something to think about. The following week saw the pound remain in the 199 territory all week after an early dip, but as we approached the final days of the month it was clear that there were still results to be had. The week ending the 23rd March closed on 199.634 but after that it was all good news as the exchange rates kept going in favour of the British pound.

Indeed the final rate of the month as a whole was 202.601 so not only did the pound manage to attain the 200 rate, it managed to do a whole lot better than that all told.



  1. Wow it’s nice to see the pound do really well over the course of a month for a change! Does it always do well against the Icelandic krona though; we don’t always get reports on this currency do we?

    — Kate · Apr 16, 05:26 pm · #

  2. No the pound doesn’t always perform this well against the krona, although having said that it seems to do better here than it does against some of the other currencies I could mention. I’m sure if you looked it up you would get some better results here than you would against, say, the US dollar and the Euro. The pound always seems to have a rough time pedalling uphill against those currencies. Hopefully things will change but then I’ve said that before and we’re still all waiting!

    — Allison · Apr 20, 12:58 pm · #