Writer Allison

Allison has amassed more than twenty two years experience as a professional writer. In recent years she has developed an interest in a wide variety of currency and financial matters. She is widely published both online and in magazines, and has provided articles for several financially related websites. These include articles on the history of paper money, the developing situation in the Eurozone and the history behind some of our best known currencies, including the dollar, the pound and the franc.

She has researched and compiled the weekly news report on the movements of the main world currencies since November 2007 for, and has produced a significant number of articles for this website. In recent years she has developed a keen interest in the unfolding of the Euro crisis, producing thoughtful and in depth content that focuses on a number of angles.

The power of research

During her years working as an article writer for a wide number of websites and magazines, Allison has developed finely honed research skills. She approaches each piece of work in the same way, plotting out an outline and gathering the financial data required ahead of the writing process. Her best skill is in interpreting that financial data and making it more accessible to the wide variety of people who visit our website.

Allison's credentials as a financial writer have been developed over a number of years - more than a decade in fact. An understanding of the currency markets and how they work underpins everything she writes for our website. The regular weekly and monthly reports have led to a vast knowledge and experience that is carried forward into every future report and article that is created. The best financial websites have writers who understand the nuances of what is required to make a solid, factual and accessible article. This is what we hope to provide on a daily basis on

Allison has developed a writing style that ensures even newcomers to the world of finance and currency development understand what is going on at any one time. Currency related matters can be in depth and involved, and finding a website that provides accessible information in this way is essential if you want the latest news on these topics. Allison has created a style that makes this possible for everyone who wants to find out the latest developments in the currency markets and the financial world in general. Bookmark our site now to ensure you don't miss the latest articles she has written.