Are You Fed Up With The Single World Currency Already?

Posted by Allison on 11 March 2011, 10:11

We wouldn’t be surprised if you were. Every now and then you get some news stories surfacing that relate to the idea of a single world currency. There is even a major organisation trying to encourage people to support the idea. Although at the last look their poll on the topic had nearly 60% of people (from nearly 11,000 votes) strongly opposed to the idea. Clearly they have some work on their hands to attract more support for their plans.

The chances of a single world currency coming to fruition are probably generations away, if at all. All the time the Euro is having trouble and the Eurozone is in a state of flux (which would be forever then), nothing will happen in terms of thinking seriously about one world currency. It wouldn’t work anyway, but every now and then someone in favour of the idea pops up to tell us all about it.

If you Google the term ‘single world currency’ and take a look at the results, you’ll see plenty of them. Some four million results are returned for a general search, whereas the news results alone can sometimes pop up the odd relevant result, depending on what is going on.

But perhaps more intriguing is the fact that looking for single world currency online brings back results about the Euro. Namely the fact that it is often having problems and is rarely the golden currency those in charge of Europe would like it to be. If the single European currency is struggling because of the fallout from the recession, can you imagine what the global fallout would be if we all had just the one currency to work with?

It’s no wonder a lot of people are firmly against the idea. It’s not known by everyone but apparently every single attempt to have just one currency used by all of Europe has failed in the past. Does this mean it is just a matter of time before we fail again? Maybe it is and maybe it is a warning to stay well away from a single global currency too.