Bad Value Euro Leads To No European Holidays For UK Holidaymakers

Posted by Allison on 16 January 2011, 04:39

What do you think of the Euro at the moment? It’s clear that it isn’t having the best time – but then the same could be said of the entire Eurozone couldn’t it? Some countries are having severe financial problems and others are simply struggling on the best they can. It makes us glad that the UK isn’t part of the Eurozone.

But there is one disadvantage here and that’s the fact that the Euro represents such poor value that we wouldn’t go anywhere in the Eurozone on holiday. The days of the cheap Spanish holidays seem to be a thing of the past, at least for the moment. The value of the pound against the Euro puts paid to any cheap deals, and there is no end in sight to this situation either.

So if you’re planning on having a holiday in Europe you need to think a bit more creatively. Start with currencies and pick out those countries that aren’t in the Eurozone. Their currencies could well be stronger than the Euro (aren’t most of them?) and if this is the case you could end up finding a new holiday destination in Europe that represents far better value for money.

Bulgaria has apparently been experiencing an influx of holidaymakers in recent months, so some countries that are outside the Euro are definitely making the most of their situation. It’s worth thinking about changing your usual habits and seeing if you can get better value for money elsewhere. The whole Euro situation could see a sea change with our holiday habits, seeing more people staying in the UK and also seeking out different European countries to go and explore.

It just goes to show that even when some countries are suffering as a result of the Eurozone, others are taking advantage of the situation. This time the line is easy to draw – those inside the zone are struggling while those outside have a more confident approach to the influx of tourism. Maybe this year will be the best time to make a switch from Spain?