Could We Really See The Yuan In British Stores?

Posted by Allison on 12 February 2011, 05:05

Every now and then a story comes along concerning currency that is really amazing. You have to read some of them twice to really understand and believe what it is they are telling you!

We’ve got just such a story for you this month that would seem to be completely unbelievable. Can you imagine British shops stocking the Chinese currency in their tills at some point in the future?

Yes it does sound unlikely doesn’t it? But this is exactly the situation that an expert from Oxford University has stated might happen in the future. Admittedly this is something that is most likely to be seen in major cities rather than in out of the way countryside destinations and villages. But the Chinese currency is already becoming a force to be reckoned with. While the British pound, the Euro and the US dollar are the mightiest currencies in the world (as many would imagine anyway) it could be true to say the Chinese currency is reaching such lofty heights as well.

It would be fascinating to see if such a prediction ever does come to pass. If it does it is likely to be some years yet until it does. But we could be proven wrong in this respect. You see, some Chinese businessmen are already making solid inroads into the UK. Some businesses are owned by the Chinese and if this continues they would surely have a good case for wanting their currency to be used and available in the UK as well.

It’s hard to believe that any country will eventually have a selection of different currencies for all its biggest and most frequent visitors. But what about tills in the UK stocking the Chinese yuan as well as the pound, the US dollar and the Euro? If that situation ever happened we’d certainly need bigger tills!

So let’s just see what happens in the future – will we be the only country to start stocking different currencies or will it be the start of a global change? Maybe we’ll all need to be more familiar with the currency converter too.