Discontinued European Currencies – Do You Remember These?

Posted by Allison on 11 November 2010, 09:46

Sometimes it only seems like yesterday that the Euro took over in many countries in Europe and ditched several long standing currencies as a result. While some people may still rue the loss of such currencies, we can keep them alive in one way, just by remembering them.

Take the French franc for instance – loved by many in the UK as the currency you needed whenever you went shopping in France for the day and needed a franc to operate the shopping trolley in the hypermarket. Then there was the peseta, used in Spain and also Andorra. This was the currency of choice for everyone heading over to their frequent summer holidays on the Costa del Sol.

Those who fell in love with Portugal will certainly remember the escudo. Perhaps not as well remembered as the two currencies mentioned above, it is still actually alive and kicking today, even though you might think it was defunct. The truth is that while Portugal no longer uses the currency, Cape Verde has kept it on and so have several other countries in the world. So it would seem that the Euro hasn’t done away with every European currency it stamped out back in 2002.

The Deutsche mark is another well known and often remembered currency – this time hailing from Germany. Ironically enough it was never really known as the Deutsche mark in Germany itself; it was only referred to like this by English people.

It’s always sad when a currency is lost in the mists of time. Some think the Euro could eventually go the same way, and that would certainly be ironic. After all, if it did, what would replace it? Would all these defunct currencies come back once again, or would we have something else entirely? Keep watching because some experts think the Euro could be on its way out sooner than we might think. It remains to be seen what happens next, but could you imagine a world where we have the mark, the escudo, the franc and the peseta back once again?