Have You Got A Full Set Yet?

Posted by Allison on 11 November 2010, 09:50

Do you remember when the latest design of the British coinage series came out? The idea of the design was to provide a unified whole when all the coins were put together. Each coin had one part of the design and at the start of April 2008 we all began looking for them in our spare change when we received it.

Don’t try to deny it – we were all doing it at the time, but by now you should have found at least one of all the new coins in your change. It’s interesting how times change though, because the news about the new designs filled up column inches and internet pages a lot at the time. The new national pastime seemed to be finding these coins as quickly as possible. Who would get a full set first?

The coppers were easiest to find, probably because they were most likely to be given in change. But for a while it was hard to find anything else, despite the fact that millions upon millions of the things were being fed into circulation.

This is the first time that a theme has been used throughout the collection of British coins though. It seems to have been met with great excitement and curiosity by many people, except for those who didn’t like the demise of Britannia. For decades she has sat on the reverse of the 50p coin, watching over many of our financial transactions. But now she is gone, and it is difficult to imagine if she will ever be back.

The excitement over the new design certainly helped to dull any disappointment over her disappearance. But once the completed set was made and the Royal Shield of Arms was complete, the fun went out of it and it went back to being currency again. Of course the new pound coin has the entire shield on it, so if you needed to know how to create it all you had to do was find one of these first.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.