How Would You Personalise The Euro?

Posted by Allison on 11 November 2010, 09:52

You may not be aware of this, but even though the Euro has replaced lots of other currencies that used to exist in Europe, it isn’t quite the same in every country it is used in.

Hang on, I hear you ask – how can a currency that is identical in more than a dozen countries actually be different at the same time?

The answer lies in the two sides of the coin. One side is the same in every country that uses it. But the reverse side is different according to what country you are in at the time.

You see the people in charge of the distribution of the Euro allowed the member countries to design their own image for the coin in their country. This means that the Euros used in France could still be different from those used in Spain. So while the Euro is seen as a major currency in Europe (which of course it is) it will be different depending on what country you use it in.

So this begs the question – what design would you put on the other side of the Euro if you had a chance to design it? You may not want the UK to take on the Euro but would you have any good designs to offer as suggestions if it ever does?

No doubt royalty or an image of the Queen would be one possibility, since the Royal Family is a major image and representation of this country. But would you select something else? And what about choosing other images of other countries for the reverse side of their coins too?

How about choosing a gorgeous picture of a beach for Spain? Maybe a national monument for Italy would be good? No doubt outsiders from other countries would have different ideas on what to choose each time, whereas people residing in those countries would choose something totally different. But it is an interesting facet of the Euro that not everyone is aware of. No doubt you’ll go looking for different coins now to see what they have on them!