So Does Gordon Brown Really Know What He Is Talking About?

Posted by Allison on 13 December 2010, 14:24

It’s impossible to go anywhere at the moment without reading something about the Euro and what a mess it is in. Think of it what you will – the currency isn’t exactly in the best of conditions at the moment. If it was a mouse it would be cowering in the corner, afraid of the possibility of seeing a cat even if there wasn’t one in the general vicinity.

But then with Gordon Brown putting over his comments on the possible future (or not) of the Euro recently, you can’t blame it for being paranoid.

You see, Mr Brown – you know, the guy who used to try running the country before he finally lost the chance to do just that earlier this year – has suddenly reappeared. What’s more he seems to have some very strong and prophetic views on what could be about to happen in Euroland.

Whatever you think of this big European state and the countries that elected to join it, some of them are now suffering as a result of having to adhere to the rules of being part of this brave new world. Some have speculated for a long while that the Euro could eventually collapse, but it seems now as if their ideas could be true. Gordon Brown has recently said that he thinks the Eurozone is in major trouble and will be face to face with a ‘major crisis’ once 2010 gives way to 2011.

Most people have some kind of opinion of Gordon Brown, and many of them are far from favourable. But you have to admit that he may well have hit the nail on the head on this occasion – albeit in a rather understated way. A ‘major crisis’ just doesn’t seem to be dramatic enough does it?

So we’ll see where this gets us come 2011. Will next year be the last year that the Euro will be in existence? No one has dropped out yet but if one country did it could lead to others following suit. We’ll be watching to see whether that happens.