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Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to ensure the data for the currency converter is correct, this data is not guaranteed for accuracy and it is purely for informational purposes. Please note that foreign exchange rates fluctuate and that rates are provided for indication purposes only. All rates shown are based on daily interbank rates and do not allow for market spreads.

Enjoy the benefits of our converter

Most people will have the need to use a converter from time to time. However if you’ve never used one before you might be wondering what benefits they offer.

That’s why we’ve written this article – to highlight the many benefits of using the tools we’ve provided on this page. Once you’ve read it you’ll understand a lot more about how it works and how beneficial it can be to keep it close at hand when you need it most.

It can help you choose an affordable holiday destination

How do you choose your holiday destination? If you are going abroad you will need to convert your currency into that of the host country you are visiting. If you’re holidaying on a budget or you want to see how far your money will go when you visit a certain country, a calculator can provide the answers.

Let’s say you are considering a holiday somewhere in the Eurozone. You can plug in a sum of money in British pounds and see how many Euros it would give you in return. Alternatively if you want to visit the US (and in the USA need to convert dollars to pounds) or perhaps Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong or any other location in the world, you can find out how much cash you will get when converting your currency into the appropriate one.

You can make sure you find the most cost effective foreign exchange service

Of course, companies will charge you for the privilege of changing your home currency to that of another country. By using this calculator you will find it easier to locate the best deal offered by a foreign exchange company. Ours is objective and gives you the actual exchange rate (daily interbank rates). It is frequently updated as well. This means you can instantly see how good the rates are for any deal you are offered.

A useful tool in other ways as well

Plenty of people consider going into the currency markets, buying and selling particular currencies in the hope of making a profit on each sale. This is a highly complex market to go into, which is why it makes sense to start in a basic way.

You can do this by entering different currencies into the converter to see how much they are worth against each other. If you do this several times a day you can start to build up a picture of how a particular currency is performing throughout a period of time. It can be an interesting way to start understanding how the markets work.

Finally you can get a better idea of how different companies are affected by foreign exchange rates. If you own a business that exports or imports to or from other countries, you will be directly affected by exchange rates. It makes sense therefore to have a rough idea of how the markets are performing on a steady basis.

Having access to an easy to understand and use money converter is the ideal way to make sure you can get the information you want. You’d be surprised how many people resort to using one of these tools every day. Since it takes mere seconds to plug in the figures and currencies relevant to your query, you can have the information you need very quickly.

So whether you are planning a holiday, thinking about expanding your business or even dipping a toe in the currency markets, you can see how important and beneficial a currency calculator can be. Once you have used it a couple of times it will become an easy and efficient tool to have at your disposal.