Challenging Times Once Again This Week

Posted by Allison on 30 March 2015, 16:16

Every week presents a challenge for some currencies, but would this week be challenging enough for the British pound?



A Struggling Pound Fails to Capitalise

Posted by Allison on 9 March 2015, 11:18

Some weeks will always be tougher than others. While the pound had an easy week against the euro the same could not be said elsewhere. We report on the latest movements in the currency markets.



Would a Familiar Pattern Develop This Week in the Currency Markets?

Posted by Allison on 2 March 2015, 14:21

Sometimes we see a familiar pattern from the pound as it goes up against a variety of currencies. Would this occur in the currency markets this week?



A Choppy Week in Rough Waters for the British Pound

Posted by Allison on 23 February 2015, 14:30

Some weeks really do produce some drastic results in some areas as opposed to others. This week would be one of those weeks, as we shall see here. The British pound had some work to do, clearly.



Strong Performances All Round for One Currency This Week

Posted by Allison on 16 February 2015, 12:30

This would be a memorable week for one currency. Follow our report on all the major currencies to see how well the British pound would come out of this particular situation.



A Strong Pound Starts the Week: But Would it Finish the Same Way?

Posted by Allison on 9 February 2015, 11:07

The British pound was looking good this week but you can never tell whether things will remain on an even keel. Our report has all the answers you need to determine just how well the pound did.



A Reasonably Good Week for the British Pound

Posted by Allison on 2 February 2015, 17:23

They say some weeks are better than others, and this was more-or-less the case for the British pound this week. We certainly had some results that were surprisingly good.



A Strong Week is in Store for One Currency

Posted by Allison on 26 January 2015, 15:36

Some weeks provide some excellent results in certain areas of the currency market. This would definitely be one of those weeks – but which currency would benefit as a result?



Would We Have an Odd-One-Out Result This Week?

Posted by Allison on 19 January 2015, 10:01

This week would largely be a good one for the British pound. However, not all the exchange rates would be as good as each other, as you will see here.



Not the Best Start to the New Year for the British Pound

Posted by Allison on 12 January 2015, 16:14

Expecting a great start to a New Year is something many of us are guilty of. We may have expected it for the British pound too – but we were to be disappointed.



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