Would This Be a Better Week for the British Pound?

Posted by Allison on 29 August 2018, 17:13

It seems as if we have been asking ourselves that question for many weeks now. But might this be a more positive week, or would it be packed with more disappointment?



Troubled Times for the British Pound

Posted by Allison on 20 August 2018, 19:29

This would prove to be a week when good news was difficult to find. How bad would things get before Friday night put a stop to trading, though?



British Pound Suffers Another Tough Week on the Currency Markets

Posted by Allison on 13 August 2018, 19:09

Some weeks do not go the way of the British pound. This would be one of them, but how bad would things pan out to be?



Trouble Has Arrived for the British Pound

Posted by Allison on 6 August 2018, 18:49

Some weeks offer mixed results. Others offer consistent news. This would be the latter, yet it would be far from good news.



An All-Round Success for the British Pound This Week

Posted by Allison on 31 July 2018, 15:46

Some weeks, it’s hard to tell where the good news is coming from on the currency markets. Not so this week – not for the British pound.



A Poor Showing from the British Pound

Posted by Allison on 23 July 2018, 14:21

There is no hiding from the reality of the pound doing badly on the markets this week. We’ve got all the news and rates you need right here.



A Disappointing Week Overall for the British Pound

Posted by Allison on 16 July 2018, 12:30

We won’t soften the blow this week – it was not a good time for the pound when going up against various other world currencies. But how bad would it be?



A Largely Good Week for the British Currency

Posted by Allison on 16 July 2018, 12:25

This week’s results would prove interesting to view. With some surprises here and there and no clear pattern to follow, the week overall was a good one.



The British Pound Does Well Against One Major Currency

Posted by Allison on 2 July 2018, 13:07

But which currency would it get the better of? Our statistics reveal all as we look back to last week on the currency markets.



Ups and Downs in Equal Measure?

Posted by Allison on 25 June 2018, 14:29

This would be a week when nothing was certain until the final bell on Friday night. That could be true of any week, but perhaps this was a better example than most of how it might play out.



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