Summary Of Currency Markets For June 29th – July 5th 2009

Posted by Allison on 7 July 2009, 15:12

We’ve had a few good weeks recently as far as the exchange rates against these currencies were concerned, but that didn’t extend as far as last week. It wasn’t all bad, because we did manage to bag three nice results, but they weren’t huge improvements and we still lost ground on two other currencies. But the fact that things went on a bit of a downward spiral for the pound made us wonder whether it was just a blip, or something more.

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Summary Of Currency Markets For June 22nd – June 28th 2009

Posted by Allison on 30 June 2009, 11:05

Tuesday dawned and the markets got back to work. But this wasn’t going to be as good a day for the pound. The change in the exchange rate between the British pound and the US dollar was bigger today, but it went in favour of the dollar this time. The closing rate for the day was 1.6303 – meaning the US dollar had upped the pace by quite a bit. We’d lost out on nearly a cent and a half overnight this time.



Summary Of Currency Markets For June 15th – June 21st 2009

Posted by Allison on 24 June 2009, 10:55

Well we certainly saw a great time against the US dollar last time we looked, didn’t we? If you remember the final exchange rate during the last week was an impressive 1.6401. We had managed to add on a total of 0.0277 during a single week, so we were looking hopeful of adding a little more onto that total this time around.

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Summary Of Currency Markets For June 8th – June 14th 2009

Posted by Allison on 16 June 2009, 10:31

Unfortunately we didn’t get the start to the week that we really wanted. It seemed as if the negative connotations from the week before were still hanging around. By the time we got to the close of play on that all important first day of the week, the British pound was down to 1.5921 against the US dollar. That meant we had lost over two cents in a single day’s trading.

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Summary Of Currency Markets For June 1st – June 7th 2009

Posted by Allison on 9 June 2009, 10:00

Last week’s report made very interesting reading. It was clear that the pound was enjoying a good and prolonged run of strength when it came to the US dollar, the Euro and even the Hong Kong dollar. But when it came to going up against the New Zealand dollar and the Australian dollar, things were very different indeed.

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Summary Of Currency Markets For May 25th – May 31st 2009

Posted by Allison on 3 June 2009, 09:57

The previous week was a sterling one in every way for the British pound when it went head to head against the US dollar. By the time the week was over we had finished up on 1.5911 – having added a phenomenal seven cents and then some to the exchange rate.

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Summary Of Currency Markets For May 18th – May 24th 2009

Posted by Allison on 26 May 2009, 15:55

Monday the 18th certainly got the week off to a great start, as the pound managed to push things up to an impressive 1.5290 by the time the day was out. After weeks of trying to get back up to the $1.50 level we so wanted to attain, it seemed as if we had been able to sail right over it at the last minute with no problem at all.

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Summary Of Currency Markets For May 11th – May 17th 2009

Posted by Allison on 19 May 2009, 10:39

As we mentioned before, the pound finally clawed its way back up last week to finish on 1.5072 against the US dollar. This was slightly less than the high point of 1.5129 reached previously, but it was good enough. But could we stay above the $1.50 mark for the whole of this week?

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Summary Of Currency Markets For May 4th – May 10th 2009

Posted by Allison on 12 May 2009, 11:21

So here we are again with another of our weekly looks at the currency markets – and more importantly, how the British pound is faring against other currencies. We know the pound hasn’t been doing so well of late, and that seems to be particularly the case recently.

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Summary Of Currency Markets For April 27th – May 3rd 2009

Posted by Allison on 11 May 2009, 22:03

Has another week gone by in the world of currency? It certainly has, and that means we have another report ready and waiting for you. After a great week a couple of weeks back, last time we saw that whatever strength the pound had didn’t last very long. If we were lulled into a false sense of security it soon became obvious that ‘false’ was definitely the word to describe it.

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