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Update (November 2017):

Our currency converter widget has been retired. We now recommend our free currency converter app for Android and iOS.

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If you have your own website or blog instantly benefit from the introduction of a currency converter. Adding this currency converter to your website or blog is fast and free and it will automatically update currency rates for you.

Add a currency converter to your website in less than a minute

Adding the currency converter widget to your website or blog is a very simple process, simply set your preferences below then click the "Create Code!" button, then just copy and paste the entire code in the box below onto your website or blog. The daily currency rates are updated automatically.

Why you need a currency converter on your website

If you have your own website or blog, and you are writing about some aspect of currency or money, then you – and more importantly your visitors - will certainly benefit from the introduction of a currency converter.

But why is this?  Surely everyone knows that they can get access to a converter elsewhere?  Why should you be thinking about providing one?

The answer is simple – but it comes in more than one part, so read on to find out why you should be considering it.

Your site can be a one stop shop for all the latest rates

It doesn't matter what subject your website or blog is based on.  You could be writing about holidays and hot spots all around the world.  You might be discussing the pros and cons of the Forex markets.  Or you might just be selling goods of your own to people all around the world.

The bottom line is this – if the people arriving on your site might need to know what their own currency is worth in another country (or even the exchange rate between two other currencies) then you need to provide them with a currency converter on your very own site.

If they need to go elsewhere to get the information they're after, there is a good chance they might forget about your site altogether!  So why risk it when you can give them what they need right off the bat?

It makes your website more interactive

There are two types of website nowadays – one is static and fairly boring, and the other is interactive.  This allows people to get involved and make use of the various features that a website has to offer.  And adding a currency converter to your site is one of the easiest ways in which you can provide an interactive feature that people can use to their advantage.

The currency converter provides a useful function that will help people work out many different calculations.  No matter whether they want to see if that item is cheaper to buy from abroad than from their own country, or whether they are deciding where to go on holiday next year, if you provide them with the facility to work out the answer, they will remember you for it.

Currency converter widget doesn't take up much space

If you're thinking that you need to completely rearrange the contents of your site in order to fit the currency converter in, think again!

That's the beauty of a good currency converter.  It offers the opportunity to revamp and enhance your website or blog very quickly and easily, and with the minimum of fuss.  Once you have the information you need you can add it quite easily in just a few moments.

You can give people a reason to come back to your site once again

Let's face it – unless you are very lucky and you have come up with a totally unique idea for a website, the chances are very good that you will have competition out there that you're up against.

That means you have to use every method you can to make your site memorable.  You need to give people reasons to want to come back and visit your site again – and having a currency converter that is easy to use is just one way of doing that.

Don't hide it away either!  Make sure it is easy to find and forms an important part of your website.  Linking to it from other parts of your site can be a good bet too, since this will help people to locate it when they may otherwise have missed out.

So what are you waiting for?

Just think how much better and more efficient your site would be if you could offer your visitors the use of a currency converter widget. It really is an essential feature if you have a site that deals with different currencies in any way, and you will only be sending your visitors elsewhere if you don't provide it.

There aren't many changes that you can make to your website or blog that have such far reaching effects and can be completed in such a short time.  But adding a great looking and highly effective currency converter certainly does fit the bill.

Why not take a fresh look at your website right now, to see where you could fit in this great new addition?  Once it's in place you'll wonder how you and your visitors ever did without one!